New Course Shells Created

This afternoon I have further good news on our Blackboard upgrade. Testing has been going well so far and we are confident that the system is operating as expected.

Last night, the course shells for the next academic year, prefix 1213, were all created based on the course information available in Quercus, the student record system. These have all been created using the default course menu, and are empty of any content, as in previous years. At lunchtime today, the instructor associations file was run through the system. This means that if you taught a Blackboard course last year (e.g. 1112-XY123) you should now have access as instructor to the new course 1213-XY123, and can start to copy or build content in preparation for the new academic year.

As students being to officially register for the next academic year, those enrolments will automatically come through to the correct Blackboard courses.

This means that you, as an instructor, may now have access to three versions of each course (1011-XY123, 1112-XY123 and 1213-XY123) making your course list look very cluttered.  You can manage which courses appear in your course list, and hide the ones you don’t need to access, by clicking on the little cog wheel symbol at the top of your My Courses box, on the My NUI Galway tab:

Now you can select which courses you don’t need to see, by unchecking the associated tick box. In the example below, the red box shows the courses that will NOT appear, while the green ones will appear in the course list.

If you find that you are no longer teaching a course, so won’t need access at all, you can ask a current fellow instructor to remove you from the course.

If you are teaching a course for the first time, and need access on Blackboard, you should ask a current fellow instructor to add you as an additional instructor. If there is no instructor currently assigned to the course, you can submit a module request form to

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