Making your Blackboard course available

It’s the second day of term and the campus is buzzing again. As students complete their online registration, you should see them appearing in the corresponding Blackboard courses. Many students are already accessing Blackboard, to see what materials and resources have been made available to them.

You may have already added some course information, perhaps set up your staff profile, put up a welcome announcement. But have you remembered to make your course available? If not, then students can’t see the information.

Each year, new course shells are unavailable by default. This is because they are created empty, and not every course that is created will be used to support teaching. This gives you some time to develop the course in the way you want, before students can access it. Then, when you are ready, you can launch the course, by making it available.

To make your course available to your students, follow the easy steps outlined in our online resource: Making your course available to students

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