Blackboard Mobile Learn – 3 weeks into term

As previously reported, Blackboard Mobile LearnTM was launched at NUI Galway at the end of March, just as the teaching term finished. We noted a surge in use just at the start of the exam period, and a steady decline leading into the summer months.

Since the start of the new academic year, just 3 weeks ago, the number of unique logins from mobile devices has increased dramatically, with a current total of 2,240 unique visitors. The total number of logins on Wednesday 19th September alone was 1,300. So, it’s clear that people are using it.

BBLearn Mobile usage September 2012

It’s interesting that the number of people accessing from iOS (iPhone or iPad) still outnumber accesses from Android devices. More than 60% of Blackboard Mobile Learn users at NUI Galway are using an iOS platform.

Access by deviceIf you want to learn more about accessing Blackboard from a mobile device, see our Blackboard Mobile page, which gives you information about downloading and using the app.


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