Want to suggest an enhancement?

On a weekly basis, we receive emails with comments and suggestions from members of staff working in the nuts and bolts of Blackboard. We hear of great ideas of how the system might be tweaked or improved to give a better user experience to students and staff. These suggestions are invaluable, and whilst we love to hear about how people are using and pushing the boundaries of the platform, there are no better people to share these with than the Blackboard developers themselves.

You can directly go to http://www.blackboard.com/Company/Feedback/Suggest-Product-Enhancements/For-Learn.aspx and submit your requests. Be sure to let them know it relates to Blackboard Learn Version 9.1:

This link can be used anytime you have a suggestion as to how Blackboard can be improved. CELT are always happy to help you with that process if you want to make sure they will understand what you want improved.

As Ray Henderson, the President of Blackboard Inc notes:

We are sincerely committed to addressing the feedback we collect and improving our products and solutions.

Well, folks, let’s put this sentiment to the test!

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