How do you use Mobile Learn?

Two weeks ago I was at the Blackboard Mobile Users’ Group meeting in Durham. Notes from the meeting are available on our Learning Technologies Blog.

At the meeting, it was noted that while we can get analytics on the number of accesses using Mobile Learn (see previous blog posts), we don’t have any idea of how people are using the app. Are students using it just to get notifications or is there a deeper level of interaction?

Mobile Learn Survey Jan 2013So, last week we put a very quick survey up on our Blackboard login page, asking how you use Blackboard Mobile Learn. It was left up for just a week, and we had 848 responses, as shown in the picture.

It appears that many people do use the app for notifications, but they also use it to view content.

More interesting, a significant number of people use it to access their grades.

Just a small number of people use it to upload files, though the new integration with DropBox might encourage increased use.

And a very small number use the app to contribute to discussions boards, blogs or journals. This isn’t particularly surprising.

The results of the survey are not particularly scientific, but perhaps give a snapshot of how the Blackboard Mobile Learn app is currently being used at NUI Galway. As noted at the Users’ Group Meeting, having more detailed analytics would be very helpful for instructors and to help us plan a more strategic use of our Blackboard system.


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