Giving email access to students on Blackboard

Sending class email is one of the most used facilities by instructors on Blackboard. The advantage of not having to maintain email lists for all your students makes communication with the whole class, or groups of individuals, so much easier.

Until the upgrade to Blackboard 9.1 in the summer of 2011, the course email tool was available to instructors and students, as a default link in the course menu. However, a small number of students abused the facility. At the time of the upgrade, the default course menu was redesigned, and the email tool was removed. Instructors can still access it via the Control Panel in a course.

But, sometimes it is appropriate to allow students access the email tool, depending on the size and level of the group, or the teaching methods being used.

To allow all students in a Blackboard course to use the email tool, it can be added back onto the course menu very easily.Tool Link

  1. Go to the course where you want to make email available to students.
  2. With the edit mode on, click the little + icon at the top left of the course menu (see screen shot). A new menu appears which allows you to add items to the menu.
  3. Select Tool Link. A new form appears (see below).
  4. Type the name for your new menu item, in this case Class Email.
  5. From the drop down menu, select Email as the Tool Type.
  6. Make sure that the link is made Available to Users, by ticking the box.
  7. Click Submit, and your new menu item should appear at the bottom of the Course Menu.

Class Email

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