Coming soon: the Retention Centre

In CELT we are gearing up for another upgrade of our Blackboard system during the summer. This year we will move to Service Pack 12 (SP 12), which will give improved features to staff and students.

One area that looks to be new and useful is the Retention Centre, which will replace the Early Warning System. This will be useful for instructors to identify students who may be at risk, so that an early intervention might help them to get back on track.

We’re told that the Retention Centre will be easy for instructors to use, without much set-up required, and that the features of the centre will evolve over time.

Students will be identified as “at risk” based on four pre-defined factors: missed deadlines; grades alerts; activity alerts and access alerts. Initially this will be available within a Blackboard course only, but ultimately it would be great to get reports across  all courses in which a student is enrolled.

Here’s a short video showing some of the highlights:


Keep an eye on this blog for further information about the upgrade.


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