Blackboard Mobile Learn – one year on

In March 2012, Blackboard Mobile LearnTM was launched at NUI Galway. At the end of September, we reported on the usage statistics after just 3 weeks of term. At that stage, the highest number of logins on a single day was 1.3K, reported on Wednesday 19th September.

Now that we’ve completed a full academic year (the last formal examination took place last Friday) we thought it was time to revisit the numbers. A view of the number of logins per day since the beginning of September 2012 is below:

BB mobile May 2013From this image we can clearly see that the Mobile Learn app continued to be used throughout both academic semesters, easing off at weekends and over the Christmas period. In both semesters, there is a clear drop-off in use in weeks 7 and 8, increasing again towards the end of teaching (when assignments are due) and then falling off during examination periods.

Over the period from September 2012 until now, the total number of unique logins was 8446. More than one third of the logins were from iOS devices.

BB mobile platform Sept 12The analytics provided by Blackboard Mobile Learn tell us about numbers of logins, but don’t tell us much about what students are doing when they login.  From a survey carried out earlier this year, we suspect it’s mostly about accessing information (announcements and course notes). Taking a closer look at each semester would tend to support this.

BB mobile sem1 May 2013From here we can see that, after a slow start (when users may not have been aware of the existence of the app), usage initially increases as courses and content becomes available. There is a slight drop-off in weeks 6, 7 and 8, as students settle into a routine, but for the last 4 weeks of term (as assignments become due) activity increases again, with a maximum number of logins recorded on Monday 19th November (1.81 thousand). For the first week after teaching ends, accesses remain high but decrease as exams finish and the Christmas break approaches.

Semester 2 is similar, but with one striking exception:

BB mobile sem2 May 2013Here the semester starts out high, as students return to courses. Weeks 6, 7 and 8 show the same drop-off, in the middle of the teaching period. And there is a noticeable spike on Thursday 31st January, when 3.57 thousand logins were recorded. This coincides with the date that provisional semester 1 exam results were made available on Blackboard.

So, I think it’s safe to conclude that students are also using the mobile app to check results.

If you’d like to learn more about accessing Blackboard from a mobile device, take a look at our Blackboard Mobile Page.

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3 Responses to Blackboard Mobile Learn – one year on

  1. Nice picture of how users connect to LMS and CMS plattforms. Thank you guys!

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