Organising your My Courses list (2013)

Since the new course shells for 2013-14 were created, staff will find that they have access to 4 years’ worth of courses (and students to three). While this might be welcome for some, for many people it means an unwieldy list of courses on the My NUI Galway tab. Luckily, there are ways to organise this list so that you only see the courses you want to see.

Last year, I created a short video showing how to hide unwanted courses and how to move your most-used courses to the top of the list. This year, there’s an even simpler way to easily manage your courses.

To start, click on the little cog wheel at the top right of the My Courses widget on your My NUI Galway page.

MyCoursesCogThis opens up the Personalise: My Courses page.

Grouping Courses by Academic Year

In section 1, tick the check box beside Group by Term.

Group by TermA new section opens up where you can decide

  • if you want to see courses from a particular academic year at all (Show Term)
  • if you want to expand the courses within a given year by default (Expand Term)

For example, consider the following settings:

Show Term

Courses for academic years 2010-11 and 2011-12 will not appear in my list at all. I will be able to access courses for 2012-13, when necessary, but they won’t be listed by default (tick Show Term only). I will see the list of courses for the year 2013-14 (tick Show Term and Expand Term).

Finally, click the Submit button to save your preferences. Your My Courses list should be much easier to navigate and find the course you are looking for.


Notice that the list for 2013-2013 can be expanded as necessary.

If you are enrolled in any ad-hoc courses (for example, Blackboard training courses), these are not associated with any academic year and will appear under No Term Assigned.

Editing the Course List

It is also possible to edit the course list, under section 2 of the Personalise: My Courses page. In this section, for each individual course, you can control the amount of information you see. You can show/hide the module code, the instructor list and course announcements. This makes the list completely customisable, depending on your preferences.


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