Returning Provisional Grades

GC16 MyGrades ResultIt is possible to return grades to students, in a secure manner, using the Grade Centre on Blackboard. Students will only have access to their own grades; it is not possible for them to see the grades for other students in the class.

CELT has developed a number of resources for Blackboard instructors to support the use of the Grade Centre. These can be found on our Blackboard Resource site, under The Grade Centre. Specific resources that may be of use for the return of provisional semester one results are described and linked to below.

To avoid any accidental release of grades prior to the release date, we strongly recommend that you hide the contents of the Total and Weighted Total columns.

To return provisional grades to students by manually entering each grade, see the resource Returning Grades to Students in Blackboard.

If you want to upload your grades to Blackboard using whitesheets as a source, we have recently developed a new guide in collaboration with the J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics. This guide is now available as a PDF document.

Once you have entered the grades for students, remember to make the column visible again, so that students can access their provisional results under MyGrades.

Remember that all changes to entries in the Grade Centre are tracked by Blackboard, so it’s always possible to track back and see when a grade was entered/changed and by whom. For more information about this facility see the Blackboard help article on Working with the Grade History.

We are currently scheduling a number of workshops on returning provisional grades to students using Blackboard, for the week of 27th January. Watch out for the email.

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