Blackboard surveys and anonymity

At the end of the academic semester, many lecturers are using Blackboard to collect course and module feedback. As a  student, you may be asked to complete a survey within Blackboard.

Some students may be worried about the anonymity of their responses, especially since you have to login to Blackboard to take the survey.

You can be reassured that all your responses to a Blackboard survey are anonymous. All a lecturer know is that you have completed the survey, not what answers you gave. The key is to recognise the special symbol that Blackboard uses for the survey tool: it looks like a little clipboard with a pencil. This means that your answers are anonymous.

survey icon

Compare this to the icon for Blackboard tests, which is similar, but without the clipboard:

Test icon

Blackboard tests (MCQs, EMQs, etc) are, by their nature, not anonymous, so that test results can be associated with your grades.

For more information about taking a Blackboard survey, see the official Blackboard Help pages.

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