Blackboard Upgrade News

The Blackboard Upgrade originally scheduled for the 28th July (see previous post) has been postponed. Prior to all upgrades, staff in ISS and CELT subject the new version to rigorous testing on a test server and liaise with the wider (international) Blackboard user community. During this testing an issue was discovered around simultaneous uploading of assignments and it was felt that until this issue is resolved we should not go ahead with the planned upgrade. Blackboard is working on a solution and are hopeful that this will be implemented shortly.  Given the ‘mission critical’ nature of Blackboard to our operations, we will hold back on upgrading until this is satisfactorily addressed. If possible, then we will upgrade prior to the end of August, but if there is a delay in obtaining a solution we will defer the upgrade until after Semester 1.

Please note that this has no impact on the ‘rollover’ process. In other words your fresh, new modules for AY 2014-15 will be online, students enrolled, etc as normal. It simply means we will be running with the current Blackboard version and won’t yet be able to avail of the small number of improvements (eg. ‘Student view’) which were anticipated.

Further information will be posted as it becomes available.

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