Using the Qwickly Tool on Blackboard

The Qwickly tool is a Blackboard building block that enables you to post announcements and send emails to a number of courses that you are enrolled as an instructor on, simultaneously.

To use Qwickly, you need first to add a new menu item to any one of your courses. This only needs to be done once, or you can add it into as many courses as you like.

Adding the Qwickly Tool

1. Select any course where you are an instructor (it doesn’t matter which one – choose one that you use often).

2. Ensure that the Edit Mode button is On

3. Click on the + symbol to add a new menu item and select the Tool Link option.

Add Tool Link
4. Type in a suitable name for the link such as ‘Global Communication’ and associate the Qwickly Tool with that name as below.

Add Qwickly Tool
5. Click on the Submit button and ensure the ‘Available to Users’ check box is not ticked as you do not want this functionality available to students.

Add Qwickly Tool 26. The link should now be added to your course menu as shown below with a small black box with a line through it, indicating that it is not visible to the students.
New menu item

Using the Qwickly Tool

1. Click on the new link ‘Global Communication’ and this will bring you to the Qwickly tool.

2. You can either Post an Announcement or Send and email. In this example, we will select the option Send Email.

Quickly Menu

3. Enter the email content as shown in the example below. Select the particular courses that you wish the email to be sent to and finally click on the submit button. You also can upload an attachment by clicking on the Computer icon.

Qwickly send emailBy clicking Send, the email will go to all users in each of the Blackboard courses you have selected.

(With thanks to Margaret Forde for putting together the instructions and screenshots)


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