Blackboard Festival Badges…

As part of this year’s Blackboard Festival, you may have noticed we’re running a workshop on Digital Badges (which kicks off the festival on the 26th August at 10am).

At NUI Galway we are currently leading a national project ( that is exploring how ‘digital badges’ can be used in higher education, and we would be happy to advise and facilitate anyone who might be interested in trialling badges.

So if you’re new to badges, thinking about using badges in your teaching, or just curious, register to come along and find out more.


Can you identify – if so, why not attend our workshop? 🙂

In addition, to recognise the participation of staff in the festival, we’ll also be awarding digital badges to attendees, starting with our entry level badge, earned by attending either one or two workshops.

To reward our more dedicated festival fans, we have a silver badge (earned by attending three or more workshops) and an extra shiny gold badge (can anyone attend five and earn this one!). Anyone who earns a badge will be provided with guides on how to claim and display their badges.

So get registering to earn yours…

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