Using Blackboard for return of grades

Following the recent communications from the Registrar and the Exams Office regarding the elimination of white sheets and return of grades using the Blackboard Grade Centre, we’re now writing to let you know what to expect in Blackboard.

What will be changing on my Blackboard courses?

Some new columns will automatically appear in your Blackboard grade centre within the next two weeks. These will not affect any existing information in the grade centre. The new columns (to facilitate course instance codes and marks return columns) will appear on the far right of your existing columns.

Improvements in class lists on Blackboard

A new column will appear in your Blackboard Grade Centre which will indicate the Course Instance Code for each student enrolled on the module – i.e. it will indicate the programme of study of the student. This will be helpful in quickly identifying what programme of study your students are enrolled in, from within your Blackboard course.

How do I return Provisional Grades for Semester 1

As in the last two years, you can return a provisional grade (or letter grade) to students via Blackboard. To support this, a new column will automatically appear in the module’s Grade Centre, which can be used to enter grades (letters or numbers).

Documentation is in preparation to support this activity.

Can I work offline in Excel?

We are aware that a significant number of people prefer to work in Excel to calculate and keep track of grades. It is possible to continue this practice by exporting a spreadsheet from Blackboard Grade Centre. The spreadsheet can then be uploaded back into Blackboard.

How do I return Grades to the Exams Office

We understand that the return of grades normally takes place in May. A column will automatically appear in your Grade Centre which can be used to enter numeric grades (or INC). Further information will be available on this activity closer to the dates for submission.

Need more Training and support?

The CELT learning technologies team will be available to provide online resources, workshops and support throughout January We’re aware that each discipline or programme group has their own way of working with student grades. For that reason, we propose that workshops are scheduled to support discipline- or programme-specific groups.

To arrange a workshop for your group (min 6 and max 12 people) please email blackboard @ with a selection of preferred dates in January and a list of the people who will attend the workshop.


How do I Access my modules on Blackboard?

You should make sure you have access to any module on Blackboard where you need to return results. Access is via Akari and instructions are available online.


Known Issue on Blackboard: Extra Student Enrolments

The known issue with surplus enrolments, which affects all courses on Blackboard, is ongoing. ISS are actively working with our external vendors to implement and roll-out a solution, which will be applied as soon as possible. Once implemented, the extra enrolments will automatically disappear from Blackboard.


More Information:

Updates on this development, from the Blackboard perspective, will appear on our team’s Blackboard Blog, and you can also follow us on Facebook to find out about progress.

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