Preparing your Grade Centre for marks return

As staff begin to enter marks to the Grade Centre for any module on Blackboard, please take note that the default Total and Weighted Total columns should first be hidden from student view. This is to avoid the unintentional release of any grades to students.

This is something that we have recommended for the last two years, related to the release of provisional semester 1 results on Blackboard. It is not a new behaviour, and many regular Blackboard users will already be familiar with the process.

To Hide a Column from Students

Log into your Blackboard and go to the course corresponding to the module where you will be returning grades. In the Control Panel, click on Grade Centre, and then Full Grade Centre.

To hide column results from students , click Edit Column Information in the column’s contextual menu.

Edit Column Information

On the Edit Column page, click No for Show this Column to Students. You can edit the column again at any time to show the results to your students.

Show Column

Alternative Method

Alternatively, you can click Hide from Students (on/off) in a column’s contextual menu. When you want to show the column to students, click Hide from Students (on/off) again.

Show Hide Column


Can my Students see the grades?

In the Full Grade Centre grid, the Column Not Visible to Users icon ( File:en-us/Learn/9.1_2014_04/Instructor/120_Grade_Center/010_Customize_Grade_Center/020_Grade_Center_Columns/icon_not_visible.png ) appears in the column header for any column hidden from students. You can still view the column in the grid.

If both Total and Weighted Total Columns are hidden, you should see this:

Hidden Columns

To see exactly what a student sees in your Blackboard course, you can use the Student Preview feature.

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