Using Excel to upload student marks

Please note that this blog post was created in January 2016, in the pilot phase of the ORE project. For current materials on return of marks to Exams Office via Blackboard, please see the Blackboard support pages and the Exams Office FAQ.

We are aware that a significant number of people prefer to work in Excel to calculate and keep track of grades. It is possible to continue this practice by exporting a spreadsheet from Blackboard Grade Centre. The spreadsheet can then be uploaded back into Blackboard.

I’ve created a video demonstrating how to export the file, and how to upload results from the file afterwards. Or you can take a look at the text instructions below.

Export a spreadsheet suitable for working in Excel

To create a file suitable for working in Excel, you can download your Grade Centre by choosing Work Offline -> Download.

Some recommendations:

  • Download the full grade centre, so that you will include course instance codes. These can then be used in Excel to group students together.
  • Accept other defaults and create a tab-delimited file.
  • Save this file somewhere secure, where you can find it again easily, and using a suitable filename.
  • DO NOT ATTEMPT to directly open the file in Excel (see next section)

Import the file into Excel

Excel has a problem with some of the student numbers that we use – and treats them as numbers rather than text. So a student ID started with “07” for example, will have the first zero stripped in Excel. This means that Blackboard won’t recognise the number when you try to upload the file again.

Instead you need to first open Excel, and then choose the Data tab to import your Grade Centre file from Text. As you import the file you can tell Excel to treat the Student ID and Username columns as “text”.

Once the file has been imported, you can work on it as normal in Excel. To save the file in a format suitable for Blackboard, choose Save As, and then change the type to either csv or txt.

Upload the file to Blackboard

To upload your file, within the Full Grade Centre, choose Work Offline -> Upload. Browse to find your txt or csv file, and Blackboard will suck all the information back into the Grade Centre.

For full details on exporting the file and importing it to Excel, see the attached handout. Exporting the Grade Centre for Excel in Bb9_handout

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