Security of grades in Grade Centre

I received the following, very valid, question from a member of staff regarding the entry of grades in the Blackboard Grade Centre:

How secure are they, and can they be hacked, or changed by a person other than the module instructor?

The marks can only be changed by a module instructor or a Blackboard administrator (i.e. the CELT learning technologies team or a very limited number of people in ISS).

It is worth considering who has instructor (or teaching assistant) access to your Blackboard course, and is it really necessary. To remove instructors you will need to update the module on Akari (this can take 24 hours). Follow the instructions for adding an instructor, but remove them from the list instead: Adding a Blackboard Instructor via Akari

The Course Roles that do not have access to the Grade Centre are: Student, Course Builder, Guest. For more information about Course Roles on Blackboard, see the Blackboard Help page.

However, Blackboard also tracks any changes made to grade entries, so there is a complete history of any changes and who made them. To see this, in the full grade centre, choose Reports (grey button along the top) and View Grade History.  By default the report goes back 14 days, but you can go back 6 months or even longer.

Grade History.jpg

For more information about the Grade History, see the Blackboard help pages.

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