Returning marks for visiting students

Please note that this blog post was created in January 2016, in the pilot phase of the ORE project. For current materials on return of marks to Exams Office via Blackboard, please see the Blackboard support pages and the Exams Office FAQ.

This is important information for anybody who is required to return marks for visiting students this month. At the time of writing I have unofficial word that the deadline for return of marks for visiting students is Friday 29th January, at 5pm.

To return the marks for visiting students you need to:

  1. prepare your grade centre for marks return
  2. enter the marks for any visiting students in the Final Mark column – this can be any number between 0 and 100, or INC
  3. approve and transfer the marks

To complete step 3:

  1. Go to Manage at the top of the Grade Centre and select Mark Approval and Transfer
  2. On the next screen, click Perform Extract

mark approval and transfer

I have created a very short video demonstrating these steps. Click on the link below to view:

Returning Marks for Visiting Students

You can perform the extract as many times as necessary up to the deadline. The last extract will be taken as the correct file.

Update (16 Feb 2016): The “Perform Extract” feature is now disabled (no longer visible) on Blackboard.

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