Generating module grade summaries

With the move to replace white sheets as part of the Online Results Entry (ORE) project, one thing that people are looking for is a quick and easy way produce grade summaries for a module, ideally broken down by course instance.

As luck would have it, Emma Holian in the School of Mathematics, Statistics and Applied Mathematics has produced such a tool and is willing to share it.

This app … was built to offer a service to NUIG academics to aid the process of reviewing grade distributions of their modules in preparation of External Examiner meetings, i.e. prior to uploading results to Exams Office.

The app is of particular benefit as it automates the summaries.  The app has been updated in July 15 following the NUIG changeover from using whitesheets to uploading marks via Blackboard. This app is now formatted to read directly from a downloaded copy of the Blackboard gradebook, and indeed can be used if you are a user that edits the gradebook offline since you can view grade distributions before uploading grades to Blackboard.

The app takes as input a csv file downloaded from the Blackboard Grade Centre, and produces a summary of the distribution of grades within that module.

Emma Grade Summary

A breakdown by course instance is also possible.

The data uploaded is not stored on the server and cannot be accessed by others.

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