Returning Results in Autumn

If you are returning results in Autumn using Blackboard, there are two possibilities:

  • You are returning first sitting postgraduate results (or first sitting undergrad results for a very limited set of modules); or
  • You are returning second sitting results for students who are repeating exams, or who may have deferred earlier in the year.

First sitting results

In the first case, where the results are the first you have returned for this module, you will follow exactly the process used in May:

There are plenty of resources available for you on our Blackboard support site.

Second sitting results

If you are returning 2nd sitting results, you will see two new columns in your Grade Centre. These will appear at the far right, so you may need to scroll across:

2nd sitting

The 2nd Sitting column indicates the students for whom you can return marks. If you see R in that column, you can return a mark for that student.

The process now is:


  • Make sure the Total column is hidden.
  • Enter the marks (0 – 100) for each R student in the 2nd Sit Mark column.
  • Perform Extract.


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