You do not have permission…

Are you having problems when you try to enrol a student/teaching assistant/instructor on your Blackboard course? Do you see a message saying you don’t have permission to add the user, even though you are following our guide?

no permission

We get tickets about this regularly, from experienced Blackboard users, as well as newbies. So I thought it was time to share a small tip. It’s not about what to do – because we’ve already documented that in our guide. It’s about what NOT to do.

When you get to the Find Users to Enrol screen, and you enter the person’s ID in the text box (and select the role for the user), DO NOT CLICK THE BROWSE BUTTON.

find users

Just go ahead and click Submit, and it will all work fine for you.

The Browse button should only be used if you don’t know the person’s ID, in which case you can search by name (not advised) or by email address. But we recommend that you use the ID.

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  1. Suzanne Golden says:

    Thank you Sharon

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