Blackboard Upgrade & Known Issues

The Blackboard environment at NUI Galway was upgraded at the weekend to version Q2 2018. This doesn’t bring a lot of new features, but does fix a couple of problems and (unfortunately) introduces some new ones. Despite thorough testing by the team, a few slipped past without us noticing.

First, the good news. Instructors accessing Blackboard on Safari 11.1 can now upload documents to courses. This affected a small number of users, but now they can use their browser of choice.

Second, for any user (staff or student) accessing Blackboard using a widescreen, Blackboard will now fill the screen for you. In particular, when you are working in the Grade Centre, there will be a lot less scrolling across columns.

One bug that you may notice, in particular if you are using a lot of continuous assessment, is that the Points Possible for an assignment are showing to 5 decimal places.

Points Possible

This has been identified by Blackboard Help as a Known Issue, which should be fixed in the next release.

The good news is that when a student views the assignment, the Points Possible appears with just 2 decimal places, which is a lot tidier.

Points Possible Student

We’ll document any other issues we find on this blog.

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