Teaching with Technology: Workshops for Semester 2 are available for sign-up

Our semester 2 workshop schedule is available and all workshops are available for booking. For the coming semester, we are moving all lab-based workshops to multimedia lab AM119 in the Arts Millennium building, and they take place on Friday mornings. The venue is brighter and the machines are more dependable. We also hope that Fridays will suit people better.

So, what’s coming up? Well we start by offering our Introduction to Blackboard, in the week before teaching begins, for any staff who are new or need a refresher.

With January 31st being the deadline for return of final marks for visiting students, and also the deadline for provisional semester 1 results, we’re running a workshop on Managing the Blackboard Grade Centre on 18th January. Then, for anybody who would like to use the Qwickly tool to monitor attendance we have a Qwickly Attendance Recording in Blackboard workshop on 25th January to help you get set up the way that suits you best.

Workshops will continue throughout February and March, alternating with the popular DigiChamps series. Find a full list, along with other CELT events, on our website.

Do you have a need for a workshop that’s not on our list? We’d be happy to take your suggestions for new workshop themes. Contact us directly or comment below.

We also provide bespoke workshops to disciplinary groups, on request and scheduled at a time that suits you. So please get in touch with us if you’d like to organise something for your group.

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