Irish Blackboard User Group – Regional Workshop

The Blackboard Customer Success team are coming to UCD on Thursday 9th February to provide a free workshop –  “Enhanced Assessment and Feedback”. This hands on workshop will provide you and your peers with an opportunity to review, analyse and prioritise key institutional assessment and feedback related challenges and opportunities. We will then identify relevant Blackboard solutions and share with you use cases and best practice examples to inspire you use these to best effect.

The workshop is free for Blackboard customers.  Bring as many colleagues as you like. Places are limited and are allocated on a first come, first serve basis. To book your place, sign up on the Eventbrite page.

Workshop Content:

Assessment and feedback – an institutional perspective

  • Examination of key drivers and challenges
  • (Reputations, quality of process, quality of data, legal, business efficiencies, risk etc.)
  • Placing use cases on a confidence/effectiveness model
  • Highlight relevant Blackboard solutions

Assessment and feedback – innovation and organizational change

  • Identifications for drivers for change
  • Gap analysis of practice and stakeholder experiences
  • Prioritisation of opportunities for change
  • Highlight relevant Blackboard solutions

Target audience:

Academic staff, eLearning staff, TEL Champions, staff engaged in quality assurance and curriculum enhancement, Learning Technologists, academic staff developers, etc.


Alan Masson, Head of International Customer Success, Blackboard

Gillian Fielding, Customer Success Advocate, Blackboard


B154A SCW – O’Brien Centre for Science – West



09:30 coffee, registration and networking

10:00-16:00 prompt

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Irish Blackboard User Group – Academic Adoption Day

We have some exciting news for you. We are hosting a day-long workshop for all Blackboard users in Ireland.

The Blackboard Academic Adoption day will cover key hot topics relevant to Blackboard Champions, academic developers, instructional designers, academics and others involved in the championing the use of Blackboard across your organisation. This day will give you an opportunity to meet your peers and discuss with Blackboard experts how to effectively promote and support the educational adoption of Blackboard. The session will address the following key themes of educational Blackboard adoption:

  • Institutional opportunities and barriers to enhancing the effectiveness and impact of your Blackboard adoption;
  • Enabling best practices to achieve efficiency and time effectiveness for academics (and learners);
  • What are the key skills, knowledge and resources necessary to be an effective institutional Blackboard / educational technology champion?
  • Relevant examples of best practices


Dr. Alan Masson, Head of International Customer Success, Blackboard

Gillian Fielding, Customer Success Advocate, Blackboard

For information, and to sign up for the event, register on our eventbrite page.

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Known Issue: Student Preview with Turnitin submission causes error

We’ve recently become aware that the Blackboard student preview feature – which is very useful for what students can/can’t see in your Blackboard course – no longer works with Turnitin assignment submission links.

If you create a Turnitin assignment and then switch to Student Preview to try out the link for yourself, then clicking on the View/Complete link will produce an error message looking something like this:


We have contacted Turnitin, who responded:

The Blackboard Basic plugin does not support Student Preview Mode for instructors. Since version 2.6.1, this functionality has been blocked due to it previously causing issues with student limits and mapping records, resulting in some assignments becoming unusable.

Please be reassured that this error only occurs when viewing a Turnitin assignment using the Student Preview mode. Your students will not see this error. They will be able to submit their work as normal.


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Announcing the 4th Annual Blackboard Festival #BbFest16

Image of Galway Arts Festival

Galway Arts Festival*

We’ve enjoyed the Galway Arts Festival, including the mud at the Big Top. We’ve seen the style at the Galway Races. So what’s the next big event in your calendar?

As the new academic year approaches, we’ve been planning the schedule for the 4th annual Blackboard Festival, and we hope you’ll join us.

Scheduled to take place just before the start of teaching, we hope you’ll take the opportunity to learn something new about Blackboard to use in your courses this year.

We aim to cater for all staff who use Blackboard, no matter what your level of experience. So, whether you are completely new to Blackboard, a regular who would like to know a little more, or an expert, we are confident that you’ll find something of interest in our programme.

Three Days of Workshops and Demos

The festival will take place over three days at the end of August. Starting on Friday 26th August, we have a day aimed mainly at new or less experienced users. The festival will continue on Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th, with workshops suitable for those who already have a little Blackboard experience.

Highlights include: a new Attendance Tracking tool from Qwickly, exploring the use of Badges in your course; and a new version of Collaborate, making it easier to create and join online classroom sessions.

The at-a-glance programme can be found below. You’ll find more details and a chance to sign-up to one, two or more workshops at our online booking form.

Festival Programme

Blackboard Festival 2016 – schedule at a glance



* flickr photo by catherinecronin shared under a Creative Commons (BY-SA) license

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Webinar: Making Blackboard Modules and Content Accessible for All

Blackboard Webinar | Making Blackboard Modules and Content Accessible for All

Making Blackboard Modules and Content Accessible for All Webinar

The webinar will provide an overview of inclusive classrooms and outline the benefits and challenges faced in implementing them. We will also help institutions towards achieving inclusivity and best practice for all learners through their online and face to face classrooms and provide a practical framework to:

  • Assess their pedagogy
  • Review their existing content
  • Evaluate their institution’s technology

Webinar Dates and Times:

Thursday 28th July, 14:00 UK (BST) Time

Making Blackboard Modules and Content Accessible for All, Removing barriers to access

JoAnna Hunt, Accessibility Manager, Blackboard

For full descriptions of each session click here:

The webinar will last approximately 60 minutes with an opportunity for live Q&A and discussion.

Target Audience:

This webinar is aimed at academic staff, course designers, e-learning teams as well as digital student champions/ambassadors, student’s union and policy makers and those who are involved in making courses accessible for all.

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Returning Results in Autumn

If you are returning results in Autumn using Blackboard, there are two possibilities:

  • You are returning first sitting postgraduate results (or first sitting undergrad results for a very limited set of modules); or
  • You are returning second sitting results for students who are repeating exams, or who may have deferred earlier in the year.

First sitting results

In the first case, where the results are the first you have returned for this module, you will follow exactly the process used in May:

There are plenty of resources available for you on our Blackboard support site.

Second sitting results

If you are returning 2nd sitting results, you will see two new columns in your Grade Centre. These will appear at the far right, so you may need to scroll across:

2nd sitting

The 2nd Sitting column indicates the students for whom you can return marks. If you see R in that column, you can return a mark for that student.

The process now is:


  • Make sure the Total column is hidden.
  • Enter the marks (0 – 100) for each R student in the 2nd Sit Mark column.
  • Perform Extract.


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Summer Rollover 2016

The annual rollover and creation of new courses will take place this summer in July.

Availability of new courses for 2016-17


flickr photo by Koshyk shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

We aim to create and provide access to 1617 courses on Blackboard during the week beginning Monday 18th July.

An empty Blackboard course will be created for each module code that exists on the Akari module manager. You will then be able to create or copy content as necessary for the start of the new academic year.

Instructor access

Instructor access to a 1617 Blackboard course will be based on the instructors listed for the corresponding module code on Akari.

If you need instructor access to a Blackboard course, an instructor can be assigned by updating the Module Teacher field on Akari. This action can be performed by the module owner or any of the module editors on Akari.

For more information see: Getting access to my Blackboard course

Cleardown of courses from 2012-13 (academic year 2012 to 2013)

All staff and students currently have access to 4 years’ worth of courses on Blackboard. In preparation for the rollover period, all 1213 courses will be cleared from Blackboard.

If you have any content contained (only) within a 1213 course, it is important that you take a copy of this content before Monday 18th July. Individual items can be saved locally, or you may choose to export your course as a package suitable to re-use in another Blackboard course. For assistance, please contact

If you have any student submissions contained within a 1213 course, please ensure that you have saved these locally as they will no longer be accessible on Blackboard after Monday 18th July.

The good news is that this will help to clear up your MyCourses list when you login. For more information on how you can manage this list, see the following link – .

Training and Resources

For information and resources on using Blackboard (and other technologies) for teaching, please visit our Teaching with Technology website.

We are also currently planning our annual Blackboard Festival, a week of training opportunities on various aspects of Blackboard, including drop-in sessions, information sessions and workshops. Details will be announced soon.

You may be interested to learn that the CELT Learning Technologies team is now on Facebook. Follow us there for updates on our activities and information about upcoming events and workshops. We hope you’ll comment on our activity, ask questions and offer your suggestions.

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